Prepare to pass the CPXP Certification, on your first try, self-taught method, no  costly courses

If you want to know how I passed the CPXP exam on my first try, studying for four months, without taking costly courses, and relying completely on a self-taught method, keep reading and I’ll share my journey.

My path to achieving the CPXP certification was a bit unusual. So, if you’re preparing for the CPXP Certification and don’t want to repeat the mistakes I made, I’ll share my Study Guide with the steps I took, including the number one approach that I believe led to my success in passing the CPXP exam on the first attempt. By following these steps, you can become a PX Certified Professional too, learning smarter, not harder.

What is the definition of CPXP?

According to the PXI Institute, a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP) is a formal or informal leader who influences the systems, processes, and behaviors that cultivate consistently positive experiences as defined by the patient, resident, and family in settings across the continuum of care.

CPXP Certification Requirements

To apply for the CPXP Certification the requirements are:

A minimum of 3 years working in patient experience or active involvement in the field.
Alternatively, completion of 30 PXEs – Patient Experience Continuing Education Credits. Check official PXI website for details.

My challenging journey to achieving CPXP Certification

Hi there! My name is Dantas (more about me later).

In 2019, I decided to take the CPXP certification. At that time, I had many questions about the exam and didn’t know anyone who had previously taken it.

I felt overwhelmed by the more than seven books and over fifty whitepapers to read. I also struggled to determine if I was ready for the exam, searching the internet for sample questions and scouring quizlet for examples.

Time was also a concern. I began my preparation in July (with my application accepted by August 19th), aiming for the October exam window. The CPXP handbook and workbook were great resources but challenging to digest due to the rapidly approaching exam date.

To make matters worse, I did not have enough time or budget to take official training (which I highly recommend). The CPXP exam represents a significant investment.

The application fee alone is $475, and retaking the exam costs an additional $325 in case you fail the first attempt. Adding courses and other materials can significantly increase the overall cost of certification.

With all this in mind, I was convinced I would fail on my first try. Reading the forums, I sensed the frustration of those who failed by just one or two questions, and I feared I might share their fate.

But to my surprise, on October 25th, 2019, I took the exam and passed 🥳. You can imagine how anxious I was waiting to receive the test result. I still remember receiving the email from Jessica on November 8th that read, “CONGRATULATIONS, you are a CPXP”!

I was overjoyed and grateful to have achieved the CPXP certification. A few days later, I shared some insights and a draft of my study plan on the PXI forum. Even now, four years later, I receive messages asking for the more details about my journey.

The CPXP.PRO approach to achieve CPXP Certification.

Recognizing the challenges of the CPXP certification, I was inspired to transform my study plan into a streamlined approach to assist candidates in preparing for the CPXP exam.

That’s how CPXP.PRO was created in 2020. For the past four years, the site has remained completely free, with no ads or mandatory payments, only optional donations. It was my way of giving back to the community.

However, I realized I couldn’t keep the site online without support. Moreover, I recognized the need to improve its quality and content, leading me to a decision: either (1) shut down this site or (2) enhance it to continue helping more PX professionals.

Knowing that CPXP.PRO was a valuable resource, used by over 1,076 candidates and 296 healthcare institutions and universities, with more than 3,700 simulations and 497,333 questions answered, I decided to continue and improve it.

I believe a key part of its success is the carefully selected set of 140 questions, chosen AFTER I took the real exam. I reviewed all the documents, books, quizlets, and simulators I used before the exam and retained only those that were truly relevant to the actual test.

You might wonder if the questions are identical to those on the real exam. They are not exactly the same, nor should they be. However, they closely align with the broad range of topics essential for passing.

With this in mind, the 2024 version of the CPXP.PRO method has been fully revised, expanded, and improved. I consider it a method because it encompasses a set of principles, answers, contextual explanations, and reference links, all meticulously selected to expedite your learning and aid you in passing the real exam. Having invested 200 hours of work in its creation, I hope it saves you an equivalent amount of time searching for materials and knowledge online.


Trusted by over 1,076 patient experience professionals, along with 289 healthcare institutions and universities in 7 countries.

The CPXP.PRO Simulator has been validated by over 1,076 Patient Experience Professionals, enabling the completion of more than 3,700 exam simulations, with over 497,333 questions answered to date.

CPXP.PRO is trusted by PX Professionals from prestigious healthcare organizations and universities in the US and around the world. These professionals hail from a diverse range of organizations, including:

CPXP.PRO’s mission is to empower professionals like you to earn the CPXP certification and join an elite group dedicated to enhancing Patient and Family Experiences .

About me

Hello, my name is Dantas.

I am enthusiastic about digital, customer, and patient experience. I hold two of the most relevant certifications in this field. As you might expect, I’m a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP) accredited by PXI, and also a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) from

In my former roles at IBM and Medallia, I had the opportunity to work on multiple enterprise programs aimed at transforming digital, customer, and patient experiences in large organizations across North and South America.

Additionally, I am the co-author of three books on these subjects. One is published in English (Amazon), and the other two are in Portuguese (Rokkets).

Join the growing number of 1,076 professionals that trusted CPXP.PRO to learn Patient Experience and prepare for the CPXP exam.


“I’m indeed grateful to God for several accomplishments during the lockdown period. Attaining the CPXP certification is one of many. I’m better empowered to help healthcare providers and organizations attain and sustain patient-centered-care even as we explore the future… #NewExistence

Thanks to The Beryl Institute community, Cheri Clancy, CPXP.PRO and my family who played pivotal roles in helping me achieve this feat against all odds.”

Grace Itiowe,
MBBS, MHA, CPXP – Houston, TX, USA


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Bonus 01: CPXP Certification Guide 2024

The CPXP Certification Guide is a comprehensive resource that provides vital information about the exam. It covers the CPXP requirements, cost, schedule, scoring system, application process, and more. While it is not a substitute for the official PXI handbook, it serves as a valuable tool to streamline your application and preparation process.

The Certification Guide spans 14 pages and includes essential details about the exam, such as:

  • Key dates and deadlines within the test windows.
  • Step-by-step guidance on the application process.
  • Instructions on how to schedule your exam.
  • An overview of the question types you’ll encounter.
  • Information about the number of questions on the exam.
  • Insights into the exam duration.
  • Criteria for what it takes to pass.

This is an exclusive bonus included in the CPXP.PRO Package as a downloadable PDF file, allowing you to read it on your preferred device.

Bonus 02: CPXP Study Guide 2024

The CPXP Study Guide is a crucial resource offering key exam tips to help you prepare more effectively and efficiently, maximizing your chances of passing the exam on your first try.

It contains advice I wish I had received while preparing for my exam. The plan covers a range of topics, including strategies for handling subjective questions, whether memorization of names and acronyms is necessary, the depth of knowledge needed in statistics, and other subjects addressed in the workbook.

Most importantly, it features a checklist of the exam’s hot topics that require extra attention. It also advises on areas where in-depth study isn’t necessary, helping you focus on the most critical aspects of the exam.

The Study Plan spans 18 pages, filled with exam tips and vital details to enhance your likelihood of success.

As an exclusive bonus, this Study Plan is included in the CPXP.PRO Package as a downloadable PDF file, making it accessible on your preferred device.

Bonus 03: CPXP.PRO AI Assistant [beta]

At CPXP.PRO, we believe in the power of learning smarter, not harder. We are thrilled to announce an innovative approach in exam preparation: the introduction of the first-ever CPXP.PRO ChatGPT GPT dedicated to assisting you in your CPXP Exam preparation.

This new tool combines AI technology with carefully selected and human-approved content to provide an exceptional, interactive, personalized, and efficient study experience.

With the CPXP.PRO AI Assistant, you can interact with our GPT (App Inside ChatGPT Store) by asking questions such as:

“Start a random CPXP simulator with 10 questions”
“Test my statistics knowledge”
“Ask me questions about HCAHPS”
“Explain what Standard Deviation is and why it is important for PX professionals.”

Important: to access this exclusive feature, you must be ChatGPT Plus subscriber, in line with ChatGPT’s new GPT store model.

CPXP April Application Deadline and Exam Window

Get ready for the upcoming April Application Deadline and Exam Window with CPXP.PRO. Ensure you’re fully prepared and equipped to excel with CPXP.PRO’s comprehensive resources. Don’t miss out on your chance to advance your career and stand out in your field. Act now to make the most of this crucial period, and join the ranks of successful CPXP-certified professionals. 

September Application Deadline Closes In:








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