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Healthcare is changing from a volume-based to a value-based system. In this new model, hospitals are rewarded for how well they meet patient needs and expectations. Patient Experience (PX) needs to be learned, understood, applied, and measured. The Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP) accreditation is in alignment with the new reality and is one of the most valuable certifications in patient experience today. CPXP.PRO is the place where you can learn about and prepare for the changes in healthcare.

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What Is CPXP?

According to the PXI Institute, a certified patient experience professional (CPXP) is a formal or informal leader who influences the systems, processes, and behaviors that cultivate consistently positive experiences as defined by the patient, resident, and family in settings across the continuum of care.

Applying for the CPXP Exam – Read Our Handbook

If you want to learn more about CPXP, the exam PXI handbook is the complete resource to read. The PXI  handbook states that to qualify to sit for the CPXP examination, applicants must meet a defined set of eligibility criteria, having three years of experience or 30 Patient Experience Continuing Education Credits (PXEs).

For a brief overview of the application process, our Certification Guide covers the key aspects of the certification, including:


  • The test windows
  • Application process
  • Exam scheduling
  • Type of exam questions
  • Number of exam questions
  • Exam duration
  • Exam score and other details


    “I’m indeed grateful to God for several accomplishments during the lockdown period. Attaining the CPXP certification is one of many. I’m better empowered to help healthcare providers and organizations attain and sustain patient-centered-care even as we explore the future… #NewExistence

    Thanks to The Beryl Institute community, Cheri Clancy, CPXP.PRO and my family who played pivotal roles in helping me achieve this feat against all odds.”

    Grace Itiowe,
    MBBS, MHA, CPXP – Houston, TX, USA


    Join the growing number of PX professionals that trusted CPXP.PRO to learn Patient Experience and prepare for the CPXP exam.

    CPXP Exam Simulator and Sample Questions

    Are you ready for the exam? The CPXP Simulator was created to help you understand if you are really prepared for the test. Including 145+ questions (and growing), our database has a detailed explanation and direct link to curated references. 

    The simulator covers all four domains (Partnership and Advocacy, Measurement and Analysis, Design and Innovation and Organizational Culture and Leadership).

    It is hard to pass the CPXP certification exam in the first attempt. To pass, you need to achieve 500 points (62%), which is equivalent to 93 correct answers out of 150 questions.

    Patient Experience Is a Team Sport; Connect to Our LinkedIn Network

    Patient Experience is a team sport, so connect to our LinkedIn network of PX Professionals. Receive updates, exam tips, new releases, and CPXP exam insights.

    What is the definition of Patient Experience?

    According to PXI Institute, Patient Experience is “The sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.”

    Embark on the Patient Experience journey with CPXP.PRO

    If you are just beginning your journey to learn about Patient Experience or preparing to take the CPXP exam, congratulations! You are about to embark on a challenging journey that will not only change your career but also the lives of patients and families. You have an important role in transforming the healthcare system, putting patient first, influencing other professionals, and delivering high quality services. CPXP.PRO was created with the goal to support other professionals in their journey to improve the patient experience.

    Patient Experience Courses – Beautifully crafted

    Our goal is to provide a great learning experience so you can focus on the patient experience without distraction.

    With our specially-designed platform, you will learn principles of Patient Experience and prepare to complete the CPXP exam. We have selected the best content from multiple sources so you can focus on the study plan and prepare for the exam with less time, tracking progress, and your performance. 


    PX Book reference

    The courses are based on and adapted from best PX sources including books such as Through the Patient’s Eyes, Crossing the Quality Chasm, Hardwire Your Hospital for Success and other must-read references.


    Curated content, videos, articles and illustrations

    During the course we present you with a curated list of videos, papers, articles, and illustrations from CPXP.PRO and from a variety of other sources, including PXJ, CMS, Beryl, PXI, YouTube and others.


    Quizzes are here

    At the end of each lesson you will have a quiz where you can test your knowledge and explore questions related to both PX and the CPXP exam. You will also be able to compare your score with the average score of other students.

    Behind the scenes

    Hello! My name is Dantas. I’m enthusiastic and passionate about customer, patient, and digital experiences and I hold two of the most important certifications in the field: Certified Customer Experience Professional – CCXP (CXPA.ORG) and Certified Patient Experience Professional – CPXP (PXI Institute).

    After passing the CPXP exam, I decided to share my journey by creating CPXP.PRO to help PX professionals achieve the same goal.

    CPXP.PRO’s mission is to support healthcare professionals who aim to achieve the CPXP certification to expand their Patient Experience skills.

    Domain I represents 29% of the exam. It is now available!

    Domain I: Partnership and Advocacy

    This is the most important of the four domains and represents 29% of the whole CPXP exam. In this domain you will learn important concepts about Patient Experience and how to engage patients and families. Our course is divided in six bite-sized sub-domain courses so you can learn and measure your progress easily.

    1. Patient Experience Introduction [free]
    2. Patient-centered care;
    3. Patient and family engagement;
    4. Culture, diversity and ethics;
    5. Communication;
    6. Complaint and grievance.

    More than 100 illustrated lessons based on the best content available.

    At the end of each lesson you have an quizz to check your skill and prepare you for the exam

    During each lesson you have insights on what is important for the exam so you can focus on what matter.